Now Specializing in Christian Church Information Technology

I am first and foremost defined by my relationship to God through Christ Jesus. I am a born-again Christian and attend a reformed PCA Church. God has given me a gift to understand and apply technology and He has called me to use that gift to help His Church. I can help your church with the entire range of Information Technology (IT) needs: domain name, web site, email, calendaring, networking (both wired and wireless), remote access, server(s), workstations, printers, accounting software, church database software, office productivity software, and almost anything else you need that involves IT.

Residential Services

Note that I no longer offer services to new residential clients. If I’ve done residential work for you in the past, please feel free to give me a call to check availability; I’ll help you out if I can.

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson

The Information Technology "Renaissance Man." With a formal education in Computer Science and over 33 years of professional experience, Andy lived through the personal computing revolution and into the Internet Era. While still providing and managing mainstream commercial products, he now specializes in applying Open Source solutions and virtualization technology to small business IT issues.

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