Linux Servers

All of our servers run Debian GNU/Linux and are designed to support multiple Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machines (VMs). Each configuration includes one VM with Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Essentials pre-installed (note that the terms Microsoft, Windows, “Small Business Sever”, Oracle, VirtualBox, etc., are trademarked or whatever by their owners).

Outstanding Value

Running SBS 2011 Essentials in a VM isolates it from the core network services provided by the rock-solid Debian GNU/Linux distribution. That means that you don’t lose your DNS, DHCP, or VPN if you need to reboot the Windows Server VM. It also means that you can save snapshots – while Windows Server is running – before installing updates or trying new software (yes, we know it’s best to try new software on a non-production server, but many, many, small businesses don’t have and can’t afford a separate server for testing – which makes running Windows Server in a VM even more important). And on a regular basis, you can bring the Windows Server down and export an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file that can be stored off-site and loaded onto another Debian GNU/Linux server in a disaster recovery scenario.

Best Warranty in the Business

We provide a “limited” four year parts and labor warranty with every server we sell. We have to say “limited” because we can’t cover damage from fire or other natural (or unnatural) disaster, or someone kicking the server over during the annual Christmas party, or if your neighbor’s 13-year-old computer prodigy turns out to be all thumbs (you know what we mean here). However, if you install the server in a reasonable environment (not too much dust or heat, and fairly clean power) and protect it from inept “service techs,” if a drive fails or the power supply dies or the smoke gets out of the motherboard (all very unlikely – but possible – events), we’ll cross-ship you a replacement and pay reasonable labor charges to get it replaced. Oh yeah, we get to decide what’s reasonable, but we think you’ll find it reasonable, too. Or, if you’re in the Salisbury, MD, area, we’ll come out and diagnose and fix the problem with absolutely no cost to you.

Boutique Quality & Service

We build each server to order and we’ll custom configure pretty much anything you can dream up. No server leaves our shop until it’s been thoroughly tested. That means our lead time might be a little longer than the mega-vendors, but our servers are as close to perfect as they can get, and they’re quiet, efficient and reliable. Contact us for a quote on a custom-built server today!